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This page is a small corner of the web dedicated to things I like, that are of interest or worth a visit. It is ever changing, but no promise is made as to its regularity.



6 November 2016 - Paws n' People  - Oatley court, Belconnen - more info

6 November 2016 - Sundaze - NMA, Action - more info

13 November 2016 - Sundaze - NMA, Action - more info




people who inspire

Is always by my side and just goes along with my wacky ideas and adventures. 

Creative. Just gets in a does it and produces marvelous pieces along the way.

Technical and focused. Always around to lend a hand and give a second perspective.


philosophy of life

"Be who you are say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" Dr. Suess

Hold lower expectations; be realistic about the situation

Ask yourself: Will this matter in 1 year from now? Will it matter 5 years from now?

Consider different viewpoints, you don't necessarily have to agree.

Alcohol helps get by, just don't see it as the answer.

This world has a funny way of balancing its self out; "Everything works out okay in the end, if its not okay its not the end" - John Lennon.