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One man, his guitars, deep thoughts and some serious soul...

Mattski is a righteous sea-breeze of evocative, hook-filled, sometimes foot-stomping, sometimes reflective tunes. Proudly original, his music stomps, hollers, grooves and cajoles from a deep and stark sense of place, posing myriad questions about tomorrow.

It's blues music...thrust into a melting pot. It’s a trip to the Mississippi delta via Jamaica, through the rich jungle of acoustic funk, around the culs-de-sac of punky self sufficiency and folk ethos; planted in salt water, run through Mallee scrub and left to mature taking in the many moods of the Southern Ocean.

Mattski plays a variety of resonator and acoustic guitars and stomps his way through powerful live performances that take in his prolific songwriting and penchant for funked up arrangements.

To some, it’s “kick arse blues”. To some, it’s “really slaying it up there”. To some, it’s “amazing songs…you wrote those?” To some, it’s “really grooving”. To many, it’s easy to dance to. To all, it’s one man, a voice full of soul, righteous lyrics, three guitars, a home-made stomp box, home-made tunes, a love of sharing a yarn and a whole lot of live power…just waiting to be let loose.

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*Banner image - courtesy Luke Hemer, Front Row Images